Business Consulting

Our purpose is optimizing your business, to move it forward. Reaching improvement in difficult circumstances, with little time or high complexity. When non-standard solutions are required, rather than off-the-shelf approaches. In case when high-quality human resources or know-how are unavailable.

Our approach is conducting dedicated research of your special case. Performing in-depth analysis, and synthesis, combined with cross-interdisciplinary insights. We challenge the existing, innovate what is missing, to propose you an opinioned review or effective plan, that stands out. If your business needs to improve, our consulting team can make the difference, to bring about measurable change and solid results.

Data Mining

Our purpose is unlocking your data, to capitalize on it. Mining the valuable bits to underpin tactical decisions and gain competitive advantage. When deeper data patterns and inferences are required, rather than descriptive summary statistics. In case a data scientist or model expert are unavailable.

Our approach is applying data analytics on your files. Extracting meaningful insights from big databases, raw measurements or cluttered indicators. We explore the past, interpolate the missing, and predict the future behaviour, from simple methods to advanced nonlinear techniques. If your business needs to understand, our data expertise can deliver the leverage, to decipher the puzzle with tangible findings.


Risk Management

Mainly for the financial sector (insurance & banking) in portfolio and balance sheet domain.

  • Qualitative Advice, Decision Support & Strategy
  • Assessment, Validation & Audit
  • Project management and coordination
  • Quantitative analysis, modelling & system design
  • Research & development for optimization
  • Valuation, cash-flow projection and economic scenario generation
  • Organising & giving training

Business Intelligence

Mainly for the actuarial sector and small/medium enterprises domain.

  • Development of data and testing frameworks and policies
  • Design of statistical experiments, interpretation & reporting
  • Organising workshops & lectures
  • Inference of distributions and patterns in big or sparse high-dimensional data
  • Process and data flow analysis with code verification
  • Data warehousing, transformation and centralisation
  • Development of classification & clustering systems

Work & Clients

Here are some of our most recent works & clients:

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Establish compliance with national supervisors

Reinforcing the Group Audit team, providing quantitative and qualitative support during a Third Line of Defence IMAP deep dive in Credit and Market Risk model inspections.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - UBS

Question model assumptions

Support of the Risk Governance Group Validation team, for a scan of the lapse risk module, mortality/longevity module, and staff Defined Benefits Pension Scheme overseas.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - SNS REAAL

Identify model weaknesses

Provide external independent second opinion, on a Consumer Loan profitability valuation study. Validation of the Life baseline model, including assumptions setting, TVOG, and LAT/TRT reports.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Insert Insurance

The extra mile for modeling

Deliver Data Modelling Expertise for Group Risk Management, innovating two methodological posterior model adjustments on an existing Residential Mortgage probability of default risk model: introducing the forward-looking character, and correcting the conservatism of various end-to-end error influences.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Raiffeisen Bank

Test what has not been tested before

Provide team Leadership in charge of an external actuarial team in Risk Governance Group Validation. Validation of the national Pensions portfolio baseline liabilities model through extensive testing of the Moses projection engine.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - RBS

Render techniques between departments consistent

Analysis of model components during a review of the Solvency II Market Value Margin methodology for the national Life and Pensions books.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - PrintConcept.be

Cluster for optimal loss prediction

Analysis of model components during a review of the Solvency II Market Value Margin methodology for the national Life and Pensions books.

Data Mining

Teach how to structure data overhead

Lectures as Data Mining Training Expert for the Actuarial Summerschool and Permanent Education program, linking theory and practice of Data Management.

Data Mining
Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Eureko Achmea

Implement smart tests where it matters

Team Leadership in charge of an external actuarial team in Insurance Risk. Development of a testing strategy framework extension for P &C, Life, Finance and OR, including policy writing, gap analysis and implementation.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - BNP Paribas

Justify subjective parameterizations

Providing Model Management expertise in the compliance verification,benchmarking and gap analysis of the USP parameter setting of a partial internal model for Solvency II, with support in the gap closure. Extending high standards and underpinning pragmatic choices, proportional to the business targets.


Reason of slow site response times

Deliver data and ICT expertise in identification of bottleneck loading behaviour of the online platform. A testing battery was developed and by elimination the problem was narrowed down, short-term countermeasures applied and long-term remedies defined.

Data Mining
Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Abanka

Slice and dice product feature combinations

Provide project management support in the actuarial pricing of the technical premium of hospitalisation subcovers, challenging the composition, and calculation of the loading term of the commercial premium.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - ABN Amro

Share credit risk expertise

Consulting Expert and Lecturer for the Credit Risk component in a 5-day staff training course on essentials in finance and insurance.


Benchmark the fund management

Providing ALM modeling expertise in a Strategic Asset Allocation study of the Employee Benefits Pension portfolio, with independent advice, presentation and scenario analysis interpretation to the Board Committee.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - AEGON

Assess 360 degrees

Validation Expert and Project Manager over a team of 2 actuaries, providing external validation of the Life products portfolio, with assessment of the SOlvency II compliance, soundness of methodology, the implementation plausibility and performance in AlgoFM through tests.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - AG Insurance

Develop fundamentals of data management system

Provide Data and Systems expertise for the Group, by developing a course and Excel business templates in Data Quality Management from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, in complement with KPMG.


Set out firm-wide review guidelines and standards

Policy and Governance expertise, for the Development of a Model Management Framework, Validation Management and a Review component, ensuring full compliance with Belgian regulation, Solvency II Directive, EIOPA implementation measures and market best practices.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - DEXIA

Analyse process and procedures for optimal decision taking

Qualitative Policy and Governance expertise, for the refinement of the Non-Life Risk Charter at AXA Belgium entity level. Elaborate charter principles into concepts to guide decisions and achieve targeted major outcomes regarding Property & Casualty Insurance risk management, and organization of the Short-Term Economic Capital requirement within the local Risk Management.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Das Opgelost

Measure client product sensitivity for prediction and explanation

Project Management of a team of model quants to develop a strategic deposit model for pricing and marketing purposes, which quantifies the sensitivity between the deposit volume and the banka€™s deposit rate, underpins how the deposit liabilities can be assigned to several maturity buckets and quantifies effects of what-if scenarios.


Raise standards of corporate governance

Providing independent advice in the Policy writing of a charter for fit-and-proper requirements for Corporate Key Functions.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Cigna

Support of high impact management decision

Develop an in-depth Model Business Case, providing advice in the selection of the optimal market tool for the calculation of the Basel Probability of Default parameter of the banks and financial institutions portfolio, in order to reach Basel Internal Ratings Based compliance.


Advance models to refine accuracy

Project Management with a team of actuaries to optimize a Medical Care internal model for the Retail portfolio, challenge departure from standard formula and develop a methodolgical development program.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Ethias

Prove correctness of internal processes

Assessment of the Data extraction and Preprocessing procedures for Sovereign LGD Model development, along with the data quality quantification of completeness, accuracy and appropriateness.

Data Mining

benchmark the company approach

Independent external Validation of the Incremental Risk Charge model, with focus on model assumptions check, limitations, and recommendations for improvement steps with prioritization.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Christelijke Mutualiteit

Develop a simple structure to manage compliance with complex regulation

Consulting Expert and Lecturer in a 5-day training course for Actuaries and Senior Management, at Assuralia, the Belgian Organisation of Insurers, on Solvency II Pillar II topics around system of governance, own risk management (ORSA) and Capital Liquidity Management.


Provide independent external second opinion

Validating the backtesting and Stress Testing framework of the SME and retail Basel II models, regarding the adequacy and reliability of scenarios, correctness of tests and code implementation, and assessment of input data quality and transformation errors.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - AXA

arbitrate on ad hoc simplifications

Independent external validation of a scoring model for the Belgian corporate MIDCAP population, regarding concept and plausibility of outcomes, with additional complementary and ad-hoc testing.


Develop a counterparty rating tool for insurers

Development of a Credit Risk Policy Framework for Insurance. Developing an expert judgement based model of the Counterparty Credit Risk for the Health Care Institutions (HCI, eg hospitals, clinics) segment, including identification of drivers and prototyping a scoring methodology.


Set new standards for regulatory compliance

Development of an international group-wide model lifecycle policy component of the model origination standards. Audit of the international Group Risk methodology concept paper for lending portfolios. Development of a 2-day training course for staff on standards, theory and practice of performing a self-assessment or model review, including examples and exercises.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Actuarieel Genootschap

Rapid prototyping

Periodic validation of all group controlled Eastern European PD/LGD Basel II parameter models through a complete and independent fully replicating shadow modelling approach.


Develop a cookbook for modellers

Development of a Group low-default mortgage portfolio Loss-Given-Default methodology.

Business Consulting - Data Mining - Quantalyse - Belgium - Argenta


Quantalyse BVBA is expanding and seeks for its projects in Belgium and the Netherlands freelance co-workers (m/f).

  • Provide highly technical support to our clients in their financial/actuarial models
    • Analyse and explore (interviews, literature overview, synthesis, recommend)
    • Manage design and optimization in gradual steps on various data sources
    • Support the customer in implementation and integration into systems
    • Provide assistance in operational runs and calibration in production
    • Enhance the monitoring, reporting and internal/external acceptance
  • Perform independent validation (ie assessment, review, audit) of client risk models
    • Analyze the process, provide technical & economically sound second opinions concerning design, implementation, operation or assessment of financial/actuarial models or frameworks of our clients
    • Synthesize the process, detect issues, diplomatically formulate and present recommendations to optimize client models and processes
  • You will be mainly based at the client site, in Flanders, Brussels or the Netherlands; short foreign stays are possible too.
  • University education level
    • Master in actuarial science (life/non/life/health), or PhD in Econometrics, finance or statistics
    • Several years of relevant experience or relevant training, preferably exposure to Solvency II, IFRS or Basel regulation
  • Hard skills
    • Very strong mathematical/statistical background, but with preference for practicality
    • Familiar with Cash Flow or Economic Scenario projection, stochastic models, simulation, pricing/valuation models
    • Keen interest in reviewing (and developing) new or state-of-the-art models
  • Informatics skills
    • Hands-on with functional programming or interactive scripting
    • Able to perform database querying via standard SQL
    • Experience with at least 4 of the following statistical software such as SAS or S-plus, ReMetrica, Igloo, Prophet, Moses, VIPitech, IBNRS, Rescue, R, Excel VBA.
  • Soft skills
    • Team player
    • Diplomatic, presentation capabilities, stress-resistant
    • Commercial insight and potential interest in the business development side
    • Interpersonal, strong communication and professional writing skills
    • Open to our entrepreneurialism, knowledge sharing and innovation
    • Great sense for responsibility, punctuality, autonomy and eagerness to learn
  • Languages
    • Proficiency in at least 3 languages: English, Dutch (native is a plus) and French.
  • Diversity in your assignments and exposure to major market players
  • Continuous support in your professional and interpersonal development
  • Working with selected people, and a risk premium.

  • Apply advanced analytics to data assets of clients, make correct inferences and propose venues for leverage
    • Understand the business, meta-data context, process and deployment
    • Explore in cross-over various data sources and variable relations
    • Define metrics or tests to assess assumptions or model hypotheses
    • Identify and quantify data quality and model fit
    • In-depth bottom-up breakdown of data components, with scenario-driven challenge
  • Data warehousing and business process engineering
    • Design, scan, optimize datawarehouses and data infrastructure peripherals
    • High-level database management, security and automation means
    • Benchmarking, performance measurement of transaction processing systems
  • You will be mainly teleworking, with visits to the client for exchange of domain expertise and findings.
  • University education level
    • Master or PhD in Sciences or engineering
    • Several years of relevant experience or relevant training, in several functions
  • Hard skills
    • Very strong mathematical/statistical background, but with preference for practicality
    • Familiar with artificial intelligence techniques, visualisation, learning algorithms, signal processing
    • Keen interest in high-performance programming or system tuning
    • Familiar with big data handling techniques
  • Informatics skills
    • Hands-on with object-oriented programming, complex SQL and networks
    • Open source-minded, like linux platform parsing or scripting
    • Experience with statistical software such as SAS or S-plus, Mathematica or Maple, R or Matlab.
  • Soft skills
    • Team player
    • Hands-on, tenacity, stress-resistant
    • Insight in business drivers
    • Able to explain complex matters intuitively to management
    • Absorb and assimilate complementary information on the case outside your domain
    • Great sense for accuracy and completeness
  • Languages
    • Proficiency in english.
  • Make the difference with high-impact consequences on businesses
  • Connect to a grid of specialists and cross-over exchange
  • Result-driven, balance work and life.


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